Dog Food

When buying dog food, always check the ingredients . Many food brands list meat meal as the main source of protein. Most people automatically assume that meat meal comprises of low quality ingredients. In many cases the exact opposite is true. A high quality meat meal is in fact MORE NUTRITIOUS than whole meat. The reason for this is simple. Whole meat is 70% water and it’s protein content is anywhere between 10-18%. Meat meal on the other hand is 70% protein and about 10% water. Meat meal is made by a process called “rendering”. Whole meat is cooked until the water evaporates, leaving behind a concentrated form of protein.

Some meat meals are excellent in terms of quality and  give your dog dense and nutritious protein  but many are not. Hoofs, head, horns , waste material and bones are also used but are a poor quality protein…something you DON’T want your dog to eat. At PURE LOVE , we are committed to NEVER adding poor quality meat meal or proteins to our product line. 

Corn or Soy – Many foods list corn or soy as the main form of protein. This is a low quality protein and many dogs have trouble digesting these ingredients. A good quality protein is always recommended for dogs.

We measure up to pet owners demands for top quality food for their pets. Pure Love produces only human grade food which is free from harmful chemicals and additives. Our recipes are well balanced and contain human grade proteins, essential vitamins and nutrients recommended by veterinarians all the over world.

Puppy Love

We all love puppies……..and why not ? They are adorable ! However, each puppy is different and it is important to be mindful of the diet they are given. Puppy growth is generally thought to be similar, infact it is not. Larger breed puppies such as German Shepherds, Danes or Labradors need a different diet in terms of protein intake than say a small breed like
Shitzu, Samoyed or the even smaller breeds like Chihuahua or Yorkies . Nutrition is essential at this stage and healthy proteins the building blocks for growing puppies. Puppies need a higher protein intake as well as a larger number of calories to aid their growth in comparison to adult dogs Half these calories aid tissue and muscle development while the other half supplement the high levels of energy puppies use.  A balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and fats is as important for growing dogs as it is for growing babies. Too high a calorie and protein count in puppy food is also not recommended as it may cause faster growth and result in health issues later in life. 

How important is food transition ?

There are plenty of reasons you may want to switch your dog’s current food. Perhaps your dog has been diagnosed with a health issue, the regular brand is unavailable , you’re looking to switch to a more premium dog food, or maybe your dog is just getting older and needs something that better fits their changing nutritional needs or simply your dog is bored and wants a change

It is important that your dog switch their food gradually. Switching dog food too fast can lead to tummy trouble for your furry companion. This is particularly important when adopting or bringing in a new dog into your home; while it is often a good idea to keep your dog on the same food that he was fed previously, if you decide to feed something else you might need to be very patient. While a dog is adjusting to a new environment, he will have anxieties or is missing his previous company. This often translates into some behavioral issues as well as digestion issues. Because of this reason, many pet parents may blame the food for the digestion issues. While that may be a cause, it’s best to not do a bunch of switches in the couple of weeks or so until your dog starts to get familiar with their new home.

Transition in food is just as important as into a new environment. NEVER switch to a new food overnight, ALWAYS mix your dog’s current food with their new food. Over a period of 7 days, gradually decrease the amount of the current dog food while increasing the amount of new dog food.

With dry food , it is recommended that a broth may be added at least once a day , that the dog has plenty of water available to drink. Kibble biscuits can be mixed with cooked meat occasionally as a special treat. 

A well fed dog is a happy dog !!

What to watch for

Larger breeds do not stop growing for the first year or two. Ensure that your vet keeps track of the nutrition intake and your puppy’s development. A large breed should make the switch from puppy to adult food when their growth plates are sealed. Your vet will monitor the growth and be able to advise when to switch.  Smaller breeds stop growing much earlier usually within 6-8 months. HOWEVER, within the breed and between breeds, growth patterns differ. The Happy puppy site shows an illustration that explains how growth patterns differ. 

A healthy well balanced diet during growing stages will mean a healthier, longer life for your dog.

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