About us

PURE LOVE was born in the United Kingdom. The company started producing good quality food for pets to counter the many substandard foods that were available in low end supermarkets and indifferent wholesalers. As pet owners and animal lovers, we wanted our dogs and cats to have the same quality of food that our children were having, well balanced, nutritious and healthy. If we were unwilling to put substandard ingredients in our own food then we wanted to ensure the same high quality food for our pets. 

We measure up to pet owners demands for top quality food for their pets. Pure Love produces only human grade food which is free from harmful chemicals and additives. Our recipes are well balanced and contain human grade proteins, essential vitamins and nutrients recommended by veterinarians all the over world.

Our Product Ethos

At Pure Love we believe customized food nutrition is the new normal. Mass produced food is often made up of bone meal (carcasses dried and ground into a powder) peas (hard to digest) , ground rice , corn or soy (low quality protein , hard for dogs to digest) . Under existing laws, even non specified meat meal (3D and 4D meat is legally allowed to be used *3D stands for dead, down and diseased animal * 4D stands for dead, dying and diseased animal) . BHT , BHA , Ethoxyquin are artificial preservatives found in many brands and are believed to cause cancer. Often food contains artificial colours and dyes that can cause allergic reactions and potential tumours in cats and dogs. Many good brands contain animal by-products , literally what is left over after all the edible parts of the animals have been used. Specified and non-specified ingredients such as hoofs and bones are highly questionable. 

Love. Think. Decide. and Deliver

We listen to your needs and deliver quality food.